Race Report: BNECC Saighton 10, 27 August 2020

A damp Thursday evening was to be the setting for our final event of the season with a 10 mile Time Trial around the Saighton circuit. Despite the wet weather the conditions were pretty good for time trialing with next to no wind and low air pressure, and as a result some good times were posted even with the reduced grip from the wet tarmac; but not everyone felt the same with just 17 riders braving the rain to post a time.

BNECC Rider Reuben at the Rake & Pikel Roundabout. Photo: Andy Phillipson

The fastest man on the night was Alistair Ribbands of Manchester Wheelers who posted a time of 21:16 for the 10 mile course. Second place went to Marsh Tracks Race Team’s Ben Bright with a 21:32 whilst Matt Wales posted a 21:34 to take third for RichBott RT. Fastest Junior on the night also went to Ben Bright, Marsh Tracks RT, whilst Fastest Female went to Nicole Clarke of Birkenhead North End with a 28:49.

Fastest Man Alistair at the Rake & Pikel Roundabout. Photo: Andy Phillipson

The other North Enders racing on the night were Nathan Smith and Reuben Corlett who posted times of 21:41 and 28:54 respectively. Full results can be found here.

Fastest Female Nicole at the Rake & Pikel Roundabout. Photo: Andy Phillipson

On behalf of everyone at BNECC I’d like to thank those riders who did come out and brave the rain, and also a big thank you to all the riders who have raced any of our events this year for following the Covid-19 restrictions put in place by the CTT and The Government, and for also cooperating with the club in ensuring we could run our events safely.

Second place rider and fastest junior Ben at the Aldford Corner. Photo: Jamie Dixon

A big thank you also needs to go out to the marshals at this event, without them the events simply cannot happen. Special thanks also to Stuart McCormick of Pirate Juice CC for helping us out as start timekeeper, and to Dave Large and Ian Clarke for timekeeping and organising.

Third Place Rider Matt at the Rake & Pikel Roundabout. Photo: Andy Phillipson

So, that’s all the BNECC events ticked off for 2020, many couldn’t go ahead this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but we’re working hard on bringing a full selection of events back for the 2021 season. We’ll see you all, hopefully, next year.

Fastest North Ender Nathan at the Rake & Pikel Roundabout. Photo: Andy Phillipson

Race Report: Boardman 5 Mile TT Series 2020

With August now over and September upon us, it’s time to look back at our 5 Mile TT Series which once again occupied our Tuesday evenings throughout August. With Keith Boardman announcing after last years edition that he was stepping down as organiser after 10 years, the baton was passed to Brad Smith for 2020.

With the world being turned upside down in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and all racing cancelled for three months, there was a long while where we didn’t know if the 5s would be able to go ahead in 2020, but fortunately July brought some relaxation in the restrictions meaning that the 5s could go ahead as planned, and the final preparation work began; including how to put them on safely whilst still in a global pandemic. But fortunately Brad rose to the challenge and we were able to put on another wonderful series.

Richard Evans, BNECC. Photo: Dave Newby

The first event of the series, a non-aero event, took place on the August and brought about a first for us; a full field. In fact, the demand was so high that riders, unfortunately, had to be turned away but with a field size capped at 40 by the police, we had no alternative. Of those that faced the clock, Matthew Wales of RichBott RT came out on top with a time of 10:25, whilst Craig Rogers, Cambridge University CC, and Richard Evans, Birkenhead North End, posted a 10:36 and 10:41 to take second and third respectively. Fastest Female on the night went to Liverpool Century’s youth rider Evelyn Field with a 13:26 whilst fastest junior went to Nathan Smith of Birkenhead North End with a 10:45.

Oscar Lloyd, BNECC. Photo: Dave Newby

Round two came about a week later and was the only aero event of this years series, more on that later. And the unprecedented demand was back again, a theme running through all of our 5s this year. First place this week went to Nathan Smith, Birkenhead North End, who stopped the clock on 9:57, the 16 year old the only rider to go sub-10 minutes this year. Remember his name. Second place went to Jimmy Smith riding for Specialized with a 10:25 and Pirate Juice CC’s Steve Downey rounded out the podium with a 10:26. Fastest Female this week went to Zoe Brunton of Mersey Tri Club with a 12:30, whilst Nathan Smith also took fastest Junior.

Nathan Smith, BNECC. Photo: Dave Newby

Round three was back to non-aero on the evening of the 18th, and once again produced a full field. Steve Fidler of the 3C Racing Team pedaled his road bike to the fastest time on the night, a 10:18. Week One’s winner, Matt Wales placed second this week, with another 10:25 whilst Cambridge University’s Craig Rogers took the third step with a 10:37. Fastest Female was again Mersey Tri Club’s Zoe Brunton with a 12:19 whilst Nathan Smith, Birkenhead North End, made it three from three as fastest Junior, when he stopped the clock on 10:39.

Paul Lawton, BNECC. Photo: Dave Newby

And then finally the fourth and final round was scheduled for the following week as the second aero event, but both the arrival of Storm Francis and a present from Wirral Council in the form of gravel chippings meant that the difficult decision was made to cut the series short for rider safety. The combination of strong wind, rain and the poor surface simply meant that we couldn’t risk running the event.

George Higgins, BNECC. Photo: Dave Newby

On behalf of all of us at Birkenhead North End, I’d like to thank all the riders for coming out and facing the clock, and we can only apologise to those that didn’t manage to get a ride; in 11 years of running the event we’ve never had a full field so that first week was somewhat unexpected. I’d also like to thank all of the club members who came out to marshal any of the events, and a special thank you must go out to Dave Large for once again timekeeping all of the events, and also to Brad Smith for organising. Without either of them the events simply wouldn’t go ahead.

A group of club members returning to the HQ after marshaling the 5. Photo: Dave Newby

The results sheets for all three events can be found at the links below, as can a series of photos taken by Dave Newby at rounds 2 and 3, with links taking you to his website. Thanks for coming, and we hope to see many of you again, next year.

Week One Results

Week Two Results

Week Two Photos

Week Three Results

Week Three Photos

Boardman 5 Mile TT Series 2020

August has rolled around once again, and it’s brought the Boardman 5 Mile TTs back with it. As is now tradition, the Boardman 5s will take place on each of the 4 Tuesday evenings in August with the usual rotation between ‘Aero’ and ‘Retro’ events. This year, the first event (4th August) will be Retro, where riders are encouraged to dust off those steel frames and woolen jerseys; or see just how fast they can go on their road bikes without fancy skinsuits, aero helmets and disc wheels. The second event, 11th August will be an aero event, so why not bring out those superspeed TT bikes, disc wheels and aero helmets. Of course, road bikes (and even MTBs if you really want to) are still more than welcome to face the clock. The event on the 18th August will be back to Retro, with the final event on the 25th August another aero outing.

Nathan Smith riding a Boardman 5 in 2019

Sign on for the Boardman 5s will once again be in the layby on the B5151 Willaston Road, opposite Willow Lane, just outside Willaston. Sign on will be open from 6:20pm each evening, with space for up to 40 riders. The first rider will start at 7:01pm from the startline, also on Willaston Road, just to the South East of its junction with Lydiate Lane.

The event will be held under the CTT Type B event regulations, as well as in accordance with the CTT Covid Risk Assessment and all relevant Government Guidelines around COVID-19. To find out how BNECC are keeping everyone safe at our events this year, please visit our Time Trialing Resumes at BNECC post. Please also note that for 2020, the CTT now requires all riders to have a working rear light fixed to their bicycle in order to compete. NO LIGHT = NO RIDE.

Adam Smith riding a Boardman 5 in 2019

The entry fee for the Boardman 5s will be £4 for Over 16s, paid on the night, with Under 16s riding for free. All under 18s will require a CTT Parental Consent Form, which can be downloaded here. We will have a small number of these available on the night as spares, although any parents should print one off at home and bring it with them.

A 5 mile time trial is a great place to try out the discipline, pick it back up after a break, or see just how hard you can push yourself in an all out effort, so whether you’ve ridden TTs for years, or are completely new to the sport; why not come down and give one a try.

Race Report: BNECC Saighton 10, 30 July 2020

The 2020 racing season didn’t get off to a great start, with only a handful of races taking place before the season was paused as a result of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. As a club, this meant we had no choice but to cancel our first five events of the year; 3 of our Saighton 10s, our Hilly 22 and The Jackie Mac Memorial 25. But, with the situation improving across the UK, the CTT gave the green light for Time Trials in England to resume from the 13th July 2020, meaning we could go ahead with our planned event for the 30th July at Saighton. Upon hearing the news, event organiser Ian quickly jumped into action to get the event ready, and ensuring we could run it whilst following the CTT Covid Risk Assessment and Government Restrictions.

Fastest North Ender and 2nd on the night, Richard Evans. Credit: Andy Phillipson, BNECC

On the night, we arrived at the event to find a group of eager Time Trialists waiting to sign on, but all staying apart and following social distancing guidelines. Sign on ran without an issue, with 33 riders signing up to face the clock over the 10 mile course around Saighton.

Fastest Female Rider, Frances Owen. Credit: Paul Lawton, BNECC

The conditions on the night were great for racing around Saighton, with temperatures in the low 20s, a southerly breeze providing assistance up the main climb on the circuit and the air not too humid. This resulted in some good times posted, with the riders who raced the Birkenhead Victoria event on the same circuit last week posting faster times across the board; and the winner on the night just 10 seconds away from the course record.

Fastest Rider, Ben Lloyd. Credit: Paul Lawton, BNECC

So, moving on to the results from the night. The fastest time was posted by Ben Lloyd (Provision Race Team) with a great time of 20:43. Second place went to our very own Richard Evans (BNECC) who stopped the clock on 21:03, just missing out on going sub-21. Third on the night went to Richard Bott (RichBott RT) with a 21:12. The fastest Female on the night was Frances Owen (Fibrax Wrexham RC) in her first ever TT with a time of 23:54. And finally, the fastest Junior on the night was Ben Singer (Team JRC) who crossed the finish line on 23:43. The full results sheet can be found below.

Results Sheet

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the riders who turned up and raced, it was great to see so many faces, both new and old, and everyone did as we asked and followed both the government guidelines, and those we ourselves set out in our Time Trialing Resumes at BNECC post. Also a big thank you to organiser Ian, as well as our Timekeeper Dave and all the marshals.

3rd Place rider, Richard Bott. Credit: Paul Lawton, BNECC

The next event for the club is the first of our Boardman 5 events this Tuesday in Willaston, with our next trip to Saighton taking place on Thursday 27th August.

Fastest Junior, Ben Singer. Credit: Paul Lawton, BNECC

Time Trialling Resumes at BNECC

Following the announcement back in June by CyclingTimeTrials (CTT) that time trial events in England could resume, initially from the 4th July and later the 6th July, BNECC is happy to announce that all of our remaining Club (Type B) events will take place as planned; thanks to the hard work put in behind the scenes by our TT organisers to make sure everything was in place.

~ Ian Clarke 10, 2018

Those events now going ahead are our 2 remaining Interclub 10s, on the 30th July and the 27th August on the Saighton D2/7 course and all 4 of our ‘Boardman 5’ events, held every Tuesday throughout August at Willaston. All events will be held, as usual, under CTT Type B regulations; however there will be some differences in 2020 as they will also be conforming to the CTT Covid-19 Risk Assessment to keep both marshals and riders safe. Those changes to the events are highlighted below. All of the new rules MUST be followed by marshals and riders AT ALL TIMES; they’re all in place for everyone’s safety.

Sign On

Sign on will be slightly different this year to what we’re all used to. Social distancing will need to be followed at all times whilst at the HQ; and this includes during sign on. Riders queuing will need to ensure that they are following all current regulations around social distancing which, at the time of writing, is 2m or roughly one bike length. Marshals will be at the HQ to ensure this is followed. The sign-on process will also be slightly different this year; all events will still be enter on the night and you will still collect your number when signing on. All numbers will be washed before and after each use. Payment will still be made on the night, and cash will be excepted but please ensure you have the correct money as no change will be given; NO EXCEPTIONS.

We will not be allowing the use of Turbo Trainers or Rollers at the HQ of the events; all warmups must take place out on the road; but please be mindful of other competitors, especially if your start time is later in the event. Anyone found using turbo trainers or rollers will be asked to leave the event.

Car Parking

Due to the need for social distancing, we will have to limit the amount of parking available at both Saighton and Willaston. We would therefore ask riders to ride to the event if they can, or find alternative parking areas, but please bear in mind local communities whilst parking; we don’t want to upset them. We will have a parking marshal at Saighton, if you’re told that the parking is full please respect this and park elsewhere.

Start Line

There will be changes at the start line this year. The biggest change will be that this year there will be no pusher off due to social distancing. Instead, we will have a marshal in place to act as a spotter for any traffic approaching from behind. All riders will be required to do a standing start. The start line will also be gridded with no more than 3 riders allowed at the start at any one time, so please don’t proceed to the start location more than 3 minutes prior to your start time. Riders waiting for the start must follow social distancing at all times.

The CTT Covid-19 risk assessment states that, where possible, the start timekeeper should be positioned inside their vehicle with windows closed. This will be the case at Willaston for the ‘5s’, but due to space constraints at Saighton this is not possible. Instead, the timekeeper will be positioned a safe distance from all riders.

During the Event

During the event itself there will be very few differences to normal, the CTT rules already stipulate that riders need to stay apart whilst competing. However, please bear in mind that we are not using closed roads for these events, and that you may encounter other cyclists and pedestrians during your ride. Please remember social distancing and give plenty of space to other cyclists, pedestrians and the marshals.

After the Event

Once you have crossed the finish line please don’t stop and congregate with other riders or stop at the finish line to speak to the finish timekeeper. Proceed straight back to the HQ of the event. Once you arrive at the HQ, remove your number quickly and place in the box provided. Please do not congregate at the HQ under any circumstances, and respect social distancing. Once you have placed your number in the box, please leave the HQ promptly. No refreshments will be provided and results will not be displayed at the HQ. Results will be posted online after the event ends.

We know that some of these changes are quite substantial, and the events won’t look how you remember them; but unfortunately this is the only way that we can safely run events in the current climate. If the above requirements aren’t adhered to by all, we may have to cancel any further events this year; so please, do your part to keep everyone safe whilst racing.

Trek Madone SLR 6 Disc

A year ago club rider Barry purchased a 2019 Trek Madone SLR 6 disc from our sponsor The Bike Factory in Chester. Below is his update on the bike after living with it for a year.

“Time for an update on living with a Trek Madone SLR6 Disc.
I bought this from The Bike Factory, Chester last year taking delivery of it in early June. Dave Quinn did a smashing deal for me. Having seen my dad’s saving eaten up in care home fees I’d decided what savings I had were being spent before that fateful day for me comes along.

Now I’m no Dave Lloyd I just a big fat lad who enjoys cycling. At 6ft 1” and fifteen stone I’m not your typical cyclist…or am I? So whilst I can’t claim a racing pedigree I can perhaps write about the realities of owning a pure performance aero racing bike.

So far the Madone has not disappointed it’s responsive, handles great, comfortable to ride long distances on, climbs brilliantly as I found out when riding the Wild Wales last year. Those bugger’s in the CTC are sadists when it comes to planning a gentle day long ride in North Wales. Thankfully the weather for the day was fantastic which made 100 mile + with well over 3,000m of climbing somewhat more bearable. I don’t ride my good bike during the winter so my mileage on it is nowhere near Lloydy’s at a modest 2142 miles.

Early teething problems with the Madone were few and far between however the Aeolus 5 Comp wheels did cause me some issues. The spokes on the rear wheel began snapping after 350 miles of riding. The splendid chaps at the Bike Factory quickly repaired the wheel for me at no charge and sent me on my way. After the fourth one snapped Dave Quinn stepped in and had the wheel replaced with a new one.

All was well until I was using the bike on holiday in the Dordogne, France. Ping another bloody spoke on the new rear wheel.

Once home Dave took issue with the rep from Trek and I received an upgraded set of Aeolus 5 Pro wheels again free of charge with profuse apologies, great service from the Bike Factory.

So far I haven’t had any more problems with the wheels and the Madone continues to please. Even during these times of restricted riding I am able to cram more miles in over a shorter period of time so as not to upset the anti-exercising COVID brigade.

The Bike Factory is still open for business during this period of lockdown for phone and internet sales, so support your local bike shops.”

As Barry says above, although The Bike Factory is currently closed to customers, they are still able to help cyclists via their website, or over the phone on 01244 317893 and they’ll be there ready for your new bike purchase once normality resumes.

Birkenhead North End CC & Covid-19

As you are all aware the UK, and the world as a whole, is facing a long period of uncertainty as a result of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Club Activity

As a result of guidence issued by the Government, British Cycling and the CTC, Birkenhead North End CC has made the difficult decision to suspend all official club rides, from Tuesday 17th March, until further notice. This comes following the advice from the Government around Social Distancing and the club feels that the continuation of Club rides will go against this advice. We would still recommend to all members and friends who feel fit, healthy and are showing no symptoms of the Coronavirus to continue riding their bikes solo or in very small groups. However, anyone showing symptoms of the virus or is in a high risk group should follow the advice of the Government and the NHS which can be found here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

The club will resume it’s club rides once advice from the Government and British Cycling allow us to do so. In the meantime we ask all of our members to Stay Safe and continue to follow all advice from the Government and we’ll see you all back on the roads once we can begin returning to normal.


As with most organisers of Cycling Events; we have had to unfortunately cancel some of our planned 2020 events following advice and restrictions from The Government, British Cycling and CyclingTimeTrials, as a result of the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Currently CTT have cancelled all Time Trials until the 31st May 2020 which unfortunately means our Hilly 22 scheduled for the 10th April and our first Saighton 10 scheduled for 7th May can no longer go ahead. All riders entered for the Hilly 22 at the time of cancellation (Tuesday 17th March) will receive a refund in due course. At present, the remainder of our events for 2020, starting with our second Saighton 10 scheduled for 4th June, will be going ahead as planned. However the situation regarding Covid-19 is constantly changing and this will be reviewed constantly going forward as the situation changes and further advice is issued from all relevant authorities

From everyone at BNECC we thank you all for your understanding during this challenging and scary time for everyone but the health and wellbeing of all riders, and the country, must come before cycling. We’ll see you all out on the roads (hopefully) soon.

Marshaling Rota 2020

Jackie Mac Marshalling Rota 2020

Each club member over 18 MUST marshal a minimum of two events – one of these MUST be an OPEN event. Any member who only allocates themselves to two club events will have the second event removed and be allocated an open event. To add your name to the rota contact Brandon Ridgway at the following email address: birkenheadnorthendcc@gmail.com


Event/Event type & contact




22 mile hilly


Contact: Dave Simmons



18 Marshalls: Brandon Ridgway, Barry Jones, Allyn Cunningham, Colin Gray , Geoff Brandt, Andrew Saunders, Mark Bennett, Lionel Harvey, Andy Templeman, Brad Smith, Mark Jones, Helen Jones, Thomas McDermott, Stephen Jones, John Forbes, John Simpson



10 mile


Contact: Ian Clarke


(HQ:Outside Abbey Gate College)

8 Marshalls: Brandon Ridgway,  Allyn Cunningham, Colin Gray, Geoff Brandt, Andrew Saunders, Mark Bennett , John Lyth , Lionel Harvey



10 mile


Contact: Ian Clarke


(HQ:Outside Abbey Gate College)

8 Marshalls: John Kent, Simon Ball, Stephen Jones, John Simpson



WCTTCA 50 mile


Contact: John Lyth



4 Marshalls: Andy Petit, David Petit



BNECC 25 mile


Contact: John Owens



14 Marshalls: John Kent, Simon Ball, Andy Templeman, Stephen Jones



10 mile


Contact: Ian Clarke

Course: Saighton

(HQ:Outside Abbey Gate College)


8 Marshalls: 



WCTTCA 100 mile


Contact: John Lyth


(HQ:Wollerton Village Hall)

3 Marshalls: 




10 mile


Contact: Ian Clarke


(HQ:Outside Abbey Gate College)

8 Marshalls: Stephen Jones, Brandon Ridgway, Brad Smith, Paul Lawton, Steve Molyneux, Dave Simmons, Mike Garner, Geoff Brandt, Martin Rogers



WCTTCA 12 Hour


Contact: John Lyth



4 Marshalls: John Lyth, Dave Petit, Andy Petit 



10 mile


Contact: Ian Clarke


(HQ:Outside Abbey Gate College)

8 Marshalls: Brandon Ridgway, Keith Boardman, Paul Lawton, Jamie Dixon, John Forbes, Andy Phillipson, Claire Lloyd, Richard Evans, Andy Smith




Boardman 5 Mile TT Series 2019

Nathan Smith, 27/08/19 (Photo: Brandon Ridgway)

For the tenth year, Keith Boardman hosted his series of 5 Mile time trials on a course between Willaston and Clatterbridge this August, but it wasn’t all plain sailing this time round. There was a good turnout of North Enders at each event, as well as plenty of riders from other local clubs, and as always a few first timers getting their first taste of time trialling and plenty of Youth and Junior riders. That’s what cycling’s all about.

Our local time trials for the last few seasons have been plagued with roadworks, but that fate was avoided for the 5’s, instead there were different challenges for us. As normal, Keith was planning on hosting a series of 4 events, one on each Tuesday evening in August, loosely following a pattern of non-aero/retro and aero, but disaster struck on the first of these events with Keith’s car facing ‘technical difficulties’ en route to the race, with not just Keith but also all of the signs in the car as well. As such, the first event had to be cancelled at very short notice; we can’t run an event with no organiser and no signs.

Moving onto the second (or was this now the first?) event, the usual August weather was around, with a mainly sunny evening and importantly; it was dry. The first event was taken by Craig Rogers of Cambridge University CC, in a time of 10:39, with Adam Smith, BNECC, and Kev Larmer, Port Sunlight Wheelers, taking second and third with 10:47 and 10:57 respectively,

Adam Smith, 13/08/19 (Photo: Steve Molyneux)

Moving onto the next event, and this is where once again there were ‘difficulties’ for all involved; for the first time in 10 years we had our first ever rain. However, the riders weren’t put off by the slightly damp* conditions with a field of 27 and there were still plenty of brave marshals helping out too. Once again this weeks winner was Craig Rogers, CUCC, taking 9 seconds off his time from a week earlier, despite the weather, with a time of 10:30. Second was Sami Al’Hadid, BNECC, with 10:51 and rounding out the podium was Richard Evans, BNECC, stopping the clock at 10:59. (*By slightly damp, we mean it was almost biblical)

Craig Rogers, 20/08/19 (Photo: Brandon Ridgway)

And onto the final event of the year, the summer weather was back once again and we were greeted with 30 riders signing on. There was no Craig this week, his brother Rob reporting he’d suffered similar ‘technical difficulties’ to Keith, except to his bike; and that meant no hattrick of wins for the CUCC rider. The winner was the previous weeks second place, Sami Al’Hadid, BNECC, who shaved 15 seconds off his time, crossing the line on 10:36. Second this time out went to Rob Hennessy, North Wirral Velo, with a 10:49 and the final podium of the year was BNECC rider, Richard Evans, with a 10:50.

Sami Al’Hadid, 27/08/19 (Photo: Brandon Ridgway)

As always, following the final race it was a trip to The Weathsheaf Inn, Raby, commonly refferered to as ‘The Thatch’ for cheese and ‘a couple of drinks.’ A good way for many to sign off their season, and a good chance for a catch up. For more photos and full results from each TT, head to our Facebook page.

On behalf of the club, I’d like to thank all the riders for coming out and supporting the event, and to all the marshals who came out and supported the riders. And as always at a BNECC Club Time Trial, a special thank you goes to Dave Large for timekeeping. And finally, a huge thanks to Keith; who after 10 years of running these events announced that this year was to be his last as organiser. On behalf of BNECC, all the riders who’ve experienced a 5, and the Wirral Cycling Community as a whole, thank you Keith for all your hard work and effort over the last 10 years with these events.

2019 Birkenhead North End Hilly 22

Once again Good Friday was the date for our first event of the year, our Annual Hilly 22 Mile Time Trial on the D22/1 course at Broxton. The 2019 event was held on the morning of 19th April.

The weather for this years event was just about as far away from last years as you can get, with a cold, dark and gloomy day being replaced with glorious sunshine and temperatures eventually reaching over 20°; it truly felt like it was a late spring event, not one held at Easter.

Following the success of an Event HQ relocation to Farndon Sports & Social Club for the 2018 edition, it was decided to once again use the facilities there, which once again proved to be a great addition to the event, meaning sign on and post-race refreshments and results were all indoors, as well as having toilet facilities for competitors and their supporters.

87 riders took to the start line (of 103 entrants) on this beautiful spring morning ready to tackle 22 miles of rolling Time Trial Course, leaving everything they have on the road in pursuit of the fastest times possible.


Results Board (1/3)
Results Board (2/3)

Results Board (3/3)

For 2019 we had 7 Individual Categories, plus a Team Category for those Clubs/Teams with 3 or more entrants. The Individual Categories for 2019 were:

  • Juvenile (U16)
  • Junior (U18)
  • Espoir (U23)
  • Veteran Female (V40+)
  • Veteran Male (V40+)
  • Female (23-39)
  • Male (23-39)

For the Juvenile, Junior and Espoir Categories prizes were only awarded for the First Placed riders in each category. For the other individual categories, prizes were awarded for the fastest three riders.

The winner of the Juvenile Category was Max Jones of Birkenhead North End CC, with a time of 59:04.

The winner of the Junior Category was Adam Smith of Innovation Racing Team, with a time of 48:58

The winner of the Espoir Category was George Higgins of Birkenhead North End CC, with a time of 49:29.

Veteran Female

The third placed rider in the VF category was Elaine Jewkes of Port Sunlight Wheelers, with a time of 1:05:56. The second placed rider was Chester Road Club’s Louise Tobias, with a time of 1:00:58. The winner in the VF category was Alison Buckley of Niteriders, with a time of 58:56.

Veteran Male

The third placed rider in the VM category was Kevin Larmer of Port Sunlight Wheelers, with a time of 50:36. The second placed rider was Wrexham Roads Club’s Mark Jones, with a time of 49:14. The winner in the VM category was David James Williams of Velotik Racing Team, with a time of 46:58.


The third placed rider in the Female category was Chester Road Club’s Rebecca Holland, with a time of 57:54. The second placed rider was Keri Parton of Pro Vision Cycle Clothing, with a time of 54:45. The winner in the Female category was Liverpool Century Road Club’s Kate Giddings, with a time of 54:11.


The third placed rider in the Male category was Tom Brazier of Synergy Cycles Race Team, with a time of 46:18. The second placed rider was Manchester Bicycle Club’s Alexander Royale, with a time of 45:04. The winner in the Male category was Joseph Dobson, also of Manchester Bicycle Club, with an amazing time of 44:57.


Prizes are awarded to the fastest 3 riders of the team with the shortest combined time of their 3 fastest riders. This year the winner of the Team Competition was Manchester Bicycle Club with Joseph Dobson, Alexander Royale and Hugh English, with a total combined time of 2:21:25.

The second and third fastest teams were Wrexham Roads Club and Velotik Racing Team, with 2:25:28 and 2:26:50, respectively.


The fastest Birkenhead North End CC rider on the day was George Higgins with a time of 49:29.

I would like to thank Mr Clive Wilkinson for once again organising and hosting a wonderful event on behalf of Birkenhead North End CC; and to all of the Marshalls and Helpers from the club, without whom events like these simply can’t go ahead. A special thanks also goes out to the Timekeepers for this event, Dominic McGinness (Start) and Kate Wooder (Finish) for their essential role in the running of the event.

And also, on behalf of Clive, and everyone at Birkenhead North End CC, I’d like to thank all the riders for coming along and testing themselves against the clock, some to try and take a win, many just simply to race against themselves, which truly is the beauty of Time Trialling. We hope to see many of you for our next CTT Open event, The Jackie Mac Memorial (25) TT on Sunday, 30th June. Full details of that event can be found here: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/19112