WCTTCA events – marshalls required

Message from John Lyth WCTTCA representative:

Wanted good reliable Marshalls for the morning West Cheshire TTs. Total required 22 so far only 9 have volunteered,    You may have to use your own transport and the lead Marshall will be required to take the event signs/jackets hammer etc. all supplied.

NOTE: the 50TT on April 29th is organised by North Ender Pete Davies so he should get some support from the club.   The 100TT is a NATIONAL event, July8th. so it is important that marshalls from the club are available for this. Ann McAllister will need assistance in the 10TT on  April 22nd. as well as Janet Hassall in the 100.

Contact Lionel Harvey , Rota Coordinater or John Lyth 01513365638

Thanks to all those who have signed up so far.