Go-Ride Youth Section Fundraiser – Hot Pot Supper & Race Night

Date: 23/03/12

Time: 19:30-22:30

Location: Wirralians Rugby Club on Thornton Common road, near Clatterbridge

Cost: Adult £6.50; Children £4.50

Organisers: Sandie Matthews & Brenda Mason (contact Geoff Brandt for further info: geoff.brandt@ntlworld.com )

Race Sponsors: Quinns Bike Centre, Thorogoods, Dyna Chip, Bike Academy , the Seven Stars, Eureka Cycle Sports  & Clan Contracting Ltd

Details: Details:- Each of 8 race will include 8 horses, each horse is up for sale at £5 each; the owner of the winning horse will receive a prize; bets will be taken for all races without odds, a Tote system will distribute winnings to backers of the first 3 horses in each race according to the betting. 

The Go-Ride Youth Section are hoping to raise as much money as possible to fund the mechanic’s course and some workshop kit. Applicants for the position of Go-Ride mechanic are invited.


(Information supplied by Geoff Brandt)