Win for Jess Wilkinson at St. Helens CRC cyclocross

St. Helens CRC ran the 7th race in the North West cyclocross series on Saturday 3rd November. In tough muddy conditions, Jess Wilkinson was 1st under 16 girl (5th overall in the junior race) and Craig Rogers was 10th overall in the junior race. Martin Rogers was also 3rd overall in the 50+ age category. Clive Wilkinson also competed but broke his rear mech on the last lap – despite this he still finished by running the remainder of the course. Full results can be found by clicking here.

After the event, Jess travelled to Ipwich for the second round of the National Trophy cyclocross on Sunday 4th November. The course was very muddy after a round of the European cross the day before. Further rain on the Sunday meant by the time that Jess raced the course was like a mudbath! Jess was racing for 3rd place with another girl. Unfortunately on the  second to last lap Jess fell off on a very technical off-camber corner so had to settle for 4th place. Full results can be found by clicking here.