Wild Wales Entry 2015

The below email has been received from the Wild Wales organisers regarding 2015 entry.  It has been decided that BNECC club members can only enter via the below entry process if they have paid their 2015 subs and volunteered to marshall two events on the marshalling rota before the 1st April 2015. Andy Templeman has the club password for entering the event.

“Hi there, it’s getting near entry time for the 2015 WWC; don’t forget that we will start taking entries from the notified clubs, of whom you are one, as from 1 Jan!

Can I remind you how we have changed the entry process for 2015; we will accept entries from all the notified clubs (these are clubs who have supported the event in the past with a significant number of riders) from 1 January until 31 March; as from 1 April the event is open to general application on a first come, first served basis.

The rationale for this change is to ensure that the clubs who have shown their loyalty to the event in the past have ample opportunity for their riders to enter the event. As you know, a number of club riders last year found the event was full before the end of January and were unable to enter, even though we had over 200 DNS on the day. Our aim therefore is to ensure that as many riders as possible up to our maximum of 650 are able to ride, and to minimise the number of DNS.

In order to enter, each club will be sent a password unique to that club by Graham Lewis, who is again managing the entries. It will be up to each club to circulate the password to each rider wishing to enter, and entries will only be possible using the password. Any rider attempting to enter who does not belong to that club will be refused entry and advised that they must enter as an individual after the general entry opens on 1 April. The password will be sent out over the next 2 weeks. If you have any queries,please contact either Graham or myself. “