TLI National Road Race Championships 2012

Message from Mark Thompson Cheshire TLI event organiser regarding TLI National Road Race Championships 9th September 2012:

“This is a big event for us in the North West and I’d like it to be a well attended well-organised success!  The reason for having Rease Heath as HQ is to provide good parking and accommodation and also to include a buffet in the cost of entry.
The challenge for me is that I don’t have access to a ready pool of helpers! Cheshire TLI operates on the basis of riders helping put on the events by marshalling/ judging/ driving etc.   I’m hoping that some of us who race in the morning will still have some energy left to help in the afternoon, and that some younger riders may have enough energy to help before they race… BUT
this is an offer and a request to TLI clubs:
Cheshire TLI is prepared to make a donation to your club funds in return for a commitment to provide some help on the day.

 This is the deal:
  • If you can provide 3 people for one session (morning or afternoon) – that’s 2 marshals for 1 corner, plus one person to help sign on and also be a member of the judging team at the finish – we will donate £50 to your club funds ( so if you do both sessions it’s £100).
  • if someone volunteers to drive a lead or following car for one race we will pay them expenses of £20.
Please let me know if you are willing to help out on this basis.
Best wishes
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