Ralphael (Ralph) Evans – previous BNECC member

Message received from Don Evans:

“Hello, I thought it appropriate to let you know about my late father Ralphael (Ralph) Evans who was a keen member of Birkenhead NE before and after the war. Sadly Dad died last Monday, 11th November. Before the war he won a number of races both time trial and distance. His highly successful cycling career was interrupted by the war and he didn’t really regain his position in the sport afterwards. But he did continue to be a member of the club and I remember going out with Dad to hand drinks to riders on a number of occasions as well as doing other odd jobs at cycling events. I remember,. as a lad, meeting Beryl Burton at an event. Among Dad’s friends I recall the following names: Bill and George Hewitt, who at one time ran a cycle shop in the town centre, Billie Pearce who ran a photography shop in Hoylake, I think, and Alan Mac, who lived in Pensby, not sure of the rest of the surname! I thought there might be one or two people who might have known of this group through their relatives.”