Mike Garner Wins at Bashal Eaves

Mike Garner won the 3/4 cat support race yesterday, by breaking away off the front of the bunch with 100 yards to go. Taking the sprint in convincing fashion, during the final Event of the CDNW League at Bashal Eaves. With this result Mike now moved up from 3rd Cat to 2nd cat..

Well Done Mike!

1    Mike    Garner    BNECC
2    Jonothan    Stanlake    Private Member
3    Ryan    Pike    High on Bikes
4    Steffan    North    Wills Wheels CC
5    John    Findley    Bill Nickson Cycles RT
6    John    Dodgin    Biketreks Racing Team
7    Matthew    Love    Unaffilliated
8    Nicolas    Bertrand    Biketreks Racing Team
9    Lee    Carter    ribble valley crc
10    Ian    Rutherford    Lune RRC
11    John    Agnew    LUNE RCC
12    James    Warren    Bill Nickson Cycles RT
13    Eelco    Docter    Macclesfield Wheelers
14    David    Crowley    Bill Nickson RT
15    Michael    Ashurst    Maxgear RT