Litherland wins for Jeff Vernon and Rob Rogers

BNECC’s Jeff Vernon and Rob Rogers both gained impressive wins at the Litherland circuit races held on the 18th July, 2012.

Jeff Vernon’s sprint to the line saw him beat Rob Adlard (Team Wheelguru) in the senior race. In the Category A boys race, Rob Rogers won the event with a 16 second lead.


Senior race

Jeff Vernon Birkenhead North End C.C. 2nd. 54m. 33s.
Rob Adlard Team Wheelguru 2nd. @ 1 Sec.
Stuart Percival Great Britain Fire Service (FSSAA) 2nd. @ 7 Secs.
Stephen Smith Kuota – Spinergy – GSG 2nd. @ 49 Secs.
John Findley Bill Nickson Cycles R.T. 3rd. @ 1m. 35s.
Mike Fugaccia Liverpool Century R.C. 2nd. @ 1 Lap
Joshua Townson Southport C.C. Jnr3rd Same
Mike Salkeld Crosstrax 3rd. Same
Peter Groom Liverpool Century R.C. 4th Same
Kevin McCann Liverpool Century R.C. 3rd. Same
John Barraclough High on Bikes 4th @ 2 Laps
Adrian Pollock BC Private Member 4th @ 4 Laps


Category A boys

Robert Rogers Birkenhead North End C.C.   24m. 51s.
Jack Caddick Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) C.C.   @ 16 Secs.
David  Murphy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) C.C.   @ 23 Secs.