Jeff Vernon wins 3/4 cat North West Regional Road Race Championships

The North West Regional Road Race Championships were held at  Out-Rawcliffe, north of Preston on Saturday 19th May. 50 riders took part in the 3/4 cat race. BNECC’s Jeff Vernon won the sprint finish. Below is the race report from the British Cycling website:

“A strong field of approximately 50 riders took the start for the Category 3 and 4 race, starting 10 minutes behind the diminutive group of juniors. With the wind dying down across the flat course the bunch held together without significant upset. With such a large group the pace was high and some of the more inexperienced riders were dropped but it also made it difficult to make a break.

With 3 laps gone the stronger riders began to flex their muscles and a small group clipped off the front, however it was quickly brought back, and the bunch was together as they took the bell. However, the pace quickly ratcheted as the favourites started to think about the win and the main bunch began to split up. A sizeable group contested a bunch sprint with Jeff Vernon (Birkenhead North End) taking the win from Bill Gray (Kuota) and Chris Quin (Macclesfield Wheelers).”