Hot Pot Supper and Race Night

“We are proposing to hold our annual Youth Section fund raiser shortly, a Hot Pot Supper and Race Night to which adults and youngsters are invited. It will be held on Friday 19th April at the Wirral Rugby Club near Thornton Hough at 7pm. Last year we raised over a thousand pounds which was spent on funding events, sponsorship for riders, insurance, and maintenance for the stock of bikes we hold.

We have tickets available at a price of £6.50 for adults and £4.50 for under 16s, including the hot pot supper. Please invite family and friends, we can cater for about 100 so please let Geoff know asap how many you would like.

As well as tickets we sell the 8 races at £25 each so you can name the race eg “The Clan Contracting Handicap”, plus horses at £5 each, there are 8 per race, so you get to name the horse and take home a bottle of wine if it wins its race. Please let Geoff know if you can sell your boss/ publican/ butcher a race, and your work mates a horse each. All in a good cause.

At the moment we anticipate that tickets will initially be held by Gary Bateman, Annie Smith, John Simpson and Geoff Brandtf. If you can sell a horse or two please let Geoff  know.

We will be holding an organising meeting on Monday evening (4th March) at the 7 Stars in Thornton Hough at 7pm to chat about it all. The venue, the FunRace Co and the food are all booked, we just need to put bums on seats, so if you feel you could sell tickets, horses or races please come along on Monday.

 Best wishes

Geoff Brandt

Youth Coach

07770 577784”

Please click the link below for the flyer:

Hot Pot Supper & Race Night