Go Ride Race Activity

Message from Geoff Brandt:

Just to let you know how our Go Ride Racing is Going:-

  • On Monday 3rd June at the Bebington Oval we attracted 22 youngsters in 4 age groups. We held the event on the cricket field using the white perimeter line of the pitch as our grass track, it is about 400m long.
  • On Sunday 9th June at Birkenhead Park we held races with 18 young riders in 4 age groups again.
  • On both occasions we held a short time trial, followed by a handicap race, thus allowing the slower riders a chance of glory.
  • The grass track series continues next Monday then every 2 weeks.
  • These are very enjoyable events, and good to watch. Tea and cake is available J

Funding is only required for prizes as Wirral give us free use of the pitch, and British Cycling supply medals and certificates. “