Club Time Trial Secretary Vacancy

To date no one has volunteered to fill the now vacant club time-trial secretary post, This could lead to no club TT events being run during the 2014 season. It has been suggested that the role of club TT secretary is run by a committee with  the following roles:

1. Submission of TT & police forms.

2. Four organisers for the four club TT events that are to be run during 2014. These four events are 10 mile events and are likely to be run on the A41 towards Broxton. An organiser will be expected to put the signage out, organise the marshalls & be in charge of signing on.

3. Organise the engraving of trophies and medals.

The above idea will be discussed at the next club meeting (8/1/14).

However, if club TTs are to continue volunteers are required.